SELF Magazine – June 2013 – How to Do a Deadlift


Think of this move as death to a droopy booty! Crossfit coach Megan May breaks it down.

Start slow. The barbell alone weighs 45 pounds. If you do a few reps and it feels a little heavy, stick with just the bar. Think you could heft more? Add weight plates, muscle girl.

Watch your back. Two good ways to avoid putting pressure on your lower back: Always keep it straight and squeeze your abs. Both will help you stay in line.

Mix it up. To tone your inner thighs, do all steps in sumo stance. Spread feet more than shoulder-width apart, toes out.




Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes under barbell. Grab bar with an overhand grip just outside legs. Hips should be slightly higher than knees, shoulders retracted, back flat.



Drive heels into floor and lift chest and hips at the same time to pull bar up along shins. Keep back and arms straight.



Extend hips at top and stand tall with neck relaxed, arms straight. Pinch shoulder blades together; squeeze abs and butt.  Reverse move for 1 rep.


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