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How to Successfully Do a Pull-Up (Finally!)

Megan May, head trainer and manager at Reebok CrossFit Fifth Avenue in New York City, gave Fitbie her expert tips to mastering that first lift above the bar. Her 5 upper body-strengthening moves will have you Rocky-status in no time. The infamous pull-up: Moving one’s total body weight from a dead hang to an elevated…
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You’ve heard of them. These crazy races involving crawling through mud, climbing rope walls, and jumping over fire all while swimming or running to the next crazy obstacle. Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, just the name alone stirs up something primordial in you. Your inner beast starts scratching to get out just at the…
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SELF Magazine – June 2013 – How to Do a Deadlift

By JACLYN EMERICK Think of this move as death to a droopy booty! Crossfit coach Megan May breaks it down. Start slow. The barbell alone weighs 45 pounds. If you do a few reps and it feels a little heavy, stick with just the bar. Think you could heft more? Add weight plates, muscle girl.…
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