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Keto Diet…What do I Eat?

It is time to become a fat burning machine of health and hotness using the Ketogenic Diet! Now, what do we eat to make this a reality? In my last blog post (Eating Fat Makes You Fat, Right?) I spoke about the general macronutrient breakdown needed to get your body into ketosis. This high fat, low…
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Eating Fat Makes You Fat, Right?

Eating Fat Makes You Fat, Right? Eating fat makes you fat, right? Until I gave the Ketogenic diet a try, that’s the conventional “wisdom” that I always accepted as absolute truth. I have been eating high-fat, low-carb off and on for the past two years. I got into this method of eating with my husband…
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What I Look for in a Competitor

Figure competing is an amazing sport that I have had the privilege to see from both angles as a competitor and recently as a judge. I have experienced all the emotions from the shaky knees and “Deer in Headlights” look, all the way to absolute confidence and poise of winning the first place spot. I…
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Ebony Magazine – Tips for Spring Fitness from a Top Reebok Crossfit Trainer

Megan May, professional figure competitor, and head trainer at New York’s Reebok Crossfit 5th Avenue, knows all about getting springtime fit in preparation for becoming summertime fine. Here, May spends a little time with sharing ways to help you successfully transition into the new season, and some of her favorite tips for making that…
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